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Tatyana Yablonska: O.Zakharchuk, the Singer of Native Nature Print E-mail

Oleksa Zakharchuk

Opinions on the Artist's Creativity

I have known artist O. Zakharchuk since 1952, at first as a very gifted student of the Kyiv Institute of Fine Arts, and later on as a talented master who figures prominently in the artistic life of Ukraine. The singer of native nature, Oleksa Zakharchuk is an artist with his own peculiar vision of the world, with his own spiritual life which he skillfully embodies in his landscapes. An excellent draughtsman, he has mastered all techniques of drawing and creates in this sphere of art marvellous works as well.

Tatayana Yablonska,
People's Artist of Ukraine, People's Artist of the USSR,
Winner of the Shevchenko State Prize of Ukraine,
Academician of the Academy of Arts of Ukraine, Professor.


When you look at O. Zakharchuk's pictures, you remember Pushkin's words that there is no happiness on earth, but only peace and freedom. Indeed, peace, harmony and the Great Silence!… Perhaps such is the vision of the native planet by an astronaut impetuously speeding away from it in a spaceship. He feels nostalgia for the paradise lost and still cherishes a hope to see it again…the hope one cannot live without. Zakharchuk's creative endeavour makes you think about a special, given from heaven predestination of the artist who introduces the beholder into the great mystery of Beauty of the God-created world!

Vyacheslav Klokov,
Honoured Art Worker of Ukraine.

"I still get excited when I look at A Blue Evening. I do not understand how Oleksiy could create it. It represents the grandeur of nature and at the same time is a very poetic motif… This fusion of poetry and eternity in nature seems especially significant for me. Here is the rehabilitation of everything which has been always prized: the eternity of nature, the beauty of air, of space, of colouring, tone and values, everything which should be…"

Larisa Chlenova,
from the speech at the inauguration of the exhibition in the National Art Museum of Ukraine in 1994

Oleksiy Zakharchuk is endowed with the talent of love. It makes him wise in his relations with people, art, and nature. The combination of these qualities has produced a very good result – his works. They easily penetrate into the consciousness and soul of a beholder. His every work, be it an offhand sketch or a large painting, is always high art.
I am grateful to fate that I met such prominent personality in my life and creative development.

B. Dovhan,
Honoured Art Worker of Ukraine

Having plunged into the world of O. Zakharchuk's works I seemed to get renewed and have found, though I expected this, a kindred soul – a person who perceives the world like I do, perhaps like all people on earth. Love, touching love for native land, its beauty. Hence, the mastery and talent. And in our crazy age his artistic determination wins wonder and respect. To paint thus is a feat and victory!

Levko Kolodub,
Academician of the Academy of Arts of Ukraine, Professor

"Inspired nature," these words befit O. Zakharchuk's works more than anything else. And not only because nature in his works is permeated with a single Spirit but because it reflects a human soul. The artist presents us with a rare opportunity to travel along the paths of our own soul, the chance of its cognition. Man has no more important task.

V. Tsytovych,

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